Places To Visit In Manali
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Tourist Places To Visit In Manali


Explore tourist places of Kullu Manali with Colorstays. With us, you will get to know about amazing places of Kullu Manali. Here, we will guide you about most popular and not to be missed places in Manali, best time for visiting Manali, Manali weather, exciting treks in Kullu Manali and all required information about places before visiting Manali. Beauty of river, mountains, forests and fresh air of Kullu Manali would definitely make your trip worthwhile!

How to reach Manali || By Air or Volvo Bus

Bhunter airport in Kullu is the nearest one for those who want to come Manali by air, which is around 50 km from Manali.

Many of travellers prefer to travel by road, for them Volvo buses are best option. Manali private Volvo Bus Stand is situated around half km before Manali city(mall road).  You will get many cabs in surrounding of Volvo stand, you can hire one to reach your hotel destination.

Wondrous places in Beautiful Kullu Manali

1. Rohtang Pass:

One of the most spectacular destinations in the entire region. It is a gateway to the famous Lahaul and Spiti Valley. It is around 52 km from Manali at an elevation of 3978m from the sea level. Rohtang name is derived from the Ladakhi language (which means pile of corpses). The pass remains closed during winters due to massive snow fall. During summers, visitors are allowed to the place only with the permits in hand. You can easily get the permit for Rohtang Pass from the official website for it. Once you reach top of rohtang pass, you will be mesmerized by the untouched beauty of this place.  Visitors enjoy thrilling snow activities here like snow scooter, skiing and mountain biking. The best time to visit is between the months of May/June to October/November.

2. Marhi, Before Rohtang Pass:

Marhi is located 16 km before Rohtang pass. Visitors rest here for sometime before going Rohtang Pass, networks work only till this location. After Marhi, you will hardly get any mobile networks proceeding the route. Famous frozen waterfall "Sagu water" fall is a sight seen at this place. Also, Beas Kund trek starts from here. At Marhi, you will get many food stalls & stalls stays open from morning till evening where you can have your breakfast, lunch or refreshments.

3. Solang Valley

Every tourist who visit Manali never miss Solang Valley. It is located 15 Km from the Mall road of Manali. You can take a cab to reach the place. Here you can enjoy many adventure activities like Paragliding, Ropeway, Zorbing, Horse Riding and snow activities like snow scooter rides, snow boarding, ice skating and many more. It is also known as the adventure sports point.

4. Anjani-Mahadev Temple

Anjani-Mahadev is one of the religious point in manali that attract many visitors. The place is located near Solnag Valley just 2 km away. Water coming from the mountains falls on the Shiva Lingam placed under a waterfall. During winters, Shiva Lingam gets covered with snow and look exactly as Amarnath, hence also known as the Amarnath of Kullu Manali. To reach here you can take a horse ride or via ATV ride.  

5. Vashist Temple

Vashist Temple is a very famous attraction in Manali located on the left bank of the Beas river In Vashist Village. It is just 3 km far from the city center Manali. This temple is one of the oldest temples in Manali.  It is dedicated to Sage Vashisht one of the seven sages of Hindu, also known as the Kula guru of Lord Rama.

Both sides of road to the temple are occupied with local shops where you can get woolen clothes and other local items.

Manali is also famous for its hot water springs, almost in every religious place you will find hot water springs. As it is believed to be the holly water and  the water with medicinal values, people use to take bath on these springs. Near the Vashisht temple, you will get the hot spring water source.

6. Van Vihar (Boating  under deodar trees) :

Van Vihar is located in the city center Manali very near from the Volvo bus stand. The place is best for everyone. Visitors come with families and enjoy many activities inside Van Vihar. There is a small man-made lake where people enjoy paddle boat rides.  

7. Tibetan 

To explore Buddhist culture, you must have to visit Tibetan monastery. This beautiful monastery  is located near Manali mall road. You can reach by 5 minutes walk. Sakyamuni statue is inside the monastery which is in sitting and meditative posture. Walls are decorated with beautiful paintings and statues. The calmness of the area will make you feel very relaxed and spiritually high.

8. The Mall road :

Everyone who visit Manali, already know about the famous mall road, which is a central point of Manali. You will find any kind of restaurants like Chopsticks, Corner House, Mount View, Super Bake and many cafes. Also, you will see famous brands showrooms in this street including Adidas, Woodland, Bata, Decathlon and many more.

For regular shopping there are local shops also called as Manu market . You will get all necessary things in mall road.