Culture Of Manali
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Occasions And Traditions Of Manali

Kullu Manali is known for its beauty, culture and traditional festivals. People here are enriched of socio-culture life style, traditional art and craft from the ancient times, folk songs and dance, woollen clothes and most of all gold heart people. The culture traits of Manali is unaffected by the rapid industrialisation and reserves its cultural and traditional values. Manali people celebrate many local festivals some of them we will discuss here.

1.Winter Carnival:

Winter  Carnival is a famous festival of Manali. People come from other cities to participate here. This festival takes place in the January month which goes 5 days long. They conduct cultural as well as sports events. The activities that take place during Winter Carnival includes food fest, a craft bazaar, folk dances, street plays, tambola and many other things.

This festival aims to showcase the cultural value and unique tradition of Himachal Pradesh. A few years back the Winter Carnival is declared as a state - level festival by the Himachal Pradesh Government. Numerous people from various youth club, colleges and universities all over India come to perform in this festival. Their performances are assessed by a panel of Judges. Every year Winter Carnival brings the great talents that includes singing, dancing and other activities. Every year city got its Winter Queen and Voice of Carnival etc.

First day of the festival is the inauguration and opening ceremony day which includes carnival parade. On the second day of Carnival, you will see the traditional Kullvi Natti (folk dance) on Mall Road and likewise it continues for 5 days.

2. Hadimba Devi Temple Fair:

The Hadimba Devi Temple is an ancient cave temple in Manali, which is very popular among tourist attractions. Localities have so much belief and faith with this temple. Hadimba Devi temple is dedicated to the wife of Bhima from 'Mahabharata'.

Every year, during the 'May' month, Hadimba fair is organised in the temple. It is celebrated in the memory of Raja Bahadur Singh who constructed this temple.

Another fair that held every year on 14th of May, is conducted as the celebration of birthday of Hadimba Devi. This is a great time to visit manali. This is a colorful event, local women give their folk performances as well.


3. Losar:

Losar festival is celebrated by the Tibetan Colonies. Losar means 'New Year' in Tibetan language. 'Lo - New and Sar - Year. Losar is celebrated for 15 days in Tibet but in India, it is celebrated for mainly 3 days.

The tradition of celebrating Losar was started in 17th century by the King Jamyang Namgyal. During his ruling period, he made up his Ming to lead a mission against the Balti forces. But his well wishers advised him not to do this activity during the time of New Year. Then, King declared New Year will be celebrated 2 months before the real date. Since, then Ladakh starts their preparation for the New Year on 29th  day of 10th lunar month and celebrates the New Year in the eleventh lunar month. People get very excited and happy on arrival of Losar. They clean their houses, decorate them with beautiful decorative items.


Traditional Culture and Food Of Manali:

Manali is rich of magnificent traditions, from food to dresses everything includes cultural and traditional touch.  

1. Deities Of Kullu Manali:

Kullu Manali is also known as valley of Gods. There are number of deities or Devi - Devtas in the entire valley. Each village has its own Gods or Goddesses which in local terms they call Devi - Devtas. The statues of them are usually made up of gold. For many villagers of the town, it is a part of their daily life.

Gods used to give their messages through a person called as 'Goor' or we can say the voice of God in trance. This is very important for the folks as this acts as the courts, hospitals and other channels for these people. Gods of Kullu valley are very social and humanised as they have friends and enemies. They like to travel village to village on their 'rath' (chariot).. They do wonders for their people and if people don't do things according to them, then Gods punish them also by making problem in cultivation or weather. So, people of Kullu Manali are really into this and have a great faith in Gods of the valley.

If you come to Manali then visit villages then you will get to know more deeply about the folks and how their daily life is based on Devi  Devtas. You will definitely love the experience and faith of people in Gods.