Snowfall In Manali
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Guide During Snowfall In Manali

Manali is such a place that offers so much to the visitors in terms of nature, beautiful locations, many adventurous activities. In winter Manali looks more beautiful with snow covered mountains. But during snowfall if you take some precautions then it will make your trip very exciting and full of fun and adventure.

If you are coming to Manali during winter season then you must keep some important things in mind.

1. Carry Warm Clothes & Important Accessories:

Normal warm clothes would not work in snowy weather of Manali. You have to carry warm jackets, scarves, beanies, ear muffs, gloves etc. that will protect you from the freezing temperature in snow.

If you are coming to Manali then you have to come with proper boots. Normal sneakers does not work during snowfall. Roads get slippery and covered with snow, so normal shoes can get wet and you may hurt yourselves.

Preferably you should go for a nice pair of snow shoes. It might be bit costly but that will be of total worth.

2. Only 4/4 Vehicles:

Avoid normal vehicles in snow as it won't move a inch in snow. If you are coming to Manali in your own vehicles then keep this thing in mind that  it should be 4/4 vehicle like gypsy. You can also get gypsy on rent or you can hire them.


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